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What we do
We undertake complex analytical and numerical modelling of buildings, insulation and energy consumption/generation processes and then communicate the results in a style that suits your requirements. We focus on the physics and engineering whilst incorporating the human element of usage patterns, individual and community resources, and relevant environmental/weather aspects. We make independent recommendations regarding energy saving approaches, appropriate technologies, and can provide approximation of financial and CO2 savings.

Energy Reduction
The first option to reducing CO2 emissions is to reduce the energy load of a house, business or process. This is usually achieved by insulation, optimisation or substitution. We assess the range of options and then calculate which is most likely to offer the desired benefit.
Secondly, we look at behaviour and identify potential improvements to timing, energy profiles, storage and consumption, before finally assessing the potential for on-site renewable energy generation

Appropriate Technology
“Appropriateness” can be considered to be fulfilled when elementary, intermediate or advanced technologies are seen to be best matched by existing local natural resources, workforce, skills, and capital.
It is vital that any renewable energy technology is selected on basis of its suitability for the user, the site and potential CO2 emissions reduction targets. We can assess solar PV and Thermal applications, wind, pico-hydro and biomass in addition to examining how processes can potentially be altered to suit available energy resources.

Climate Emergency
Recognising the part that technology and behaviour change must play in the urgent response to climate change, we can provide on-sitetraining for organisation  personnel.


Energy reduction

Appropriate Technology

Climate Emergency


UK & International Energy and Climate Change Consultants